Monday, January 9, 2017

My Father is a Hero

For a little girl, her father is her first hero, whatever his shortcomings may be. 

This book is a story of how Vaibhav, a young father, becomes a hero in the eyes of his eleven year old daughter, Nisha. Things seem to going on smoothly with Nisha doing well in her studies, and also getting groomed to become a professional singer one day. Her role model is Rihanna, the pop star.

Suddenly, their low-on-luxuries life changes drastically. Nisha seems to have transformed into a completely different person, behaving inexplicably - skipping classes, doing miserably in studies, missing music lessons, entering into fights with her friends, and more.  

A ray of hope is seen when Vaibhav comes to know about an upcoming concert of Rihanna in Sydney. With his limited means, a trip to Australia seems impossible, but he chooses to go for it, for his daughter.

However, they miss the concert as Vaibhav had misread the timings on the tickets.

What will they do now? Will Nisha get to meet her role model? Will she return back to normal? Will Vaibhav be able to rise to the occasion? Read this book to find out answers to these questions, and many more.

I found this book to be written in simple English that portrays the relationship of father and daughter, and varying emotions very well. I will give it 3 stars out of 5, but will recommend for a light, enjoyable read.  

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