Thursday, August 11, 2016

Second Lives

“Second Lives” by Anish Sarkar is a gripping tale of murder, emotions, friendship and relationships. Although narrated from different angles by the characters, the story progresses at a rapid pace. The story begins when three school friends, Omar, Neel and Sara get together at Sara’s plush bungalow to find further details about the death of another member of their group, Rachel, although the police had already closed the case, terming it as suicide. 

Their investigation not only re-opened the case, but went on to reveal one shocking detail after another. This was a case of a serial killer, who kills brutally for his own sadistic pleasure and yet manages to get away with it. The story swings to flashback, twelve years ago and lifts the covers off the past, which gradually add up to the present… and 75% through the book, however unwilling you may be, you would have guessed who this psychopath was.

From this point onwards, it should have been a story of tracking down the criminal and stop him before he spreads the massacre any further. However the real identity of the murderer is a big surprise!

The language is simple and easy to grasp even if you are reading while travelling or in a noisy environment. It is the narration of events that keeps you glued to the book, and you would put it down once the mission is accomplished.

Although there may be a few loose ends, and too much adult content according to me, the focus on string of deaths does not waiver, which makes the book an enjoyable read.
Published by Westland Publishers

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