Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Flip

Let me set the mood for the book, before I tell you what I thought about it. Julie and Brad Evans are a couple who buys and sells properties in order to earn some money for a better future. The author uses the term "flip" in this sense: flipping of houses. Life for them continues to be mundane until they buy an ancient mansion, Bedlam House. What will they find in there?

The author puts forward an idea - although a house may have been vacated, the energy of the previous owners stay imprinted in the building; and the artifacts remain silent witnesses to many events.

As it happens, Bedlam House was not empty- there were spirits of Tessa Hemmings and Gerald Kanning who had not left the premises even though they had died quite a while ago. Playful and teasing by nature, Tessa not only enjoys teasing Gerald who had always been in awe of her, but also scaring human beings off the property. She takes fancy to Brad, and needless to say, hates his wife Julie. She tries to harm Julie while she was alone in their home, but the tables are turned when Brad and Julie decide to shift to Bedlam House as they have nowhere else to go to.

When I read the blurb, I was sceptical about the book for I am not very fond of paranormal settings. However, this book is quite enjoyable. The relationships between Brad and Julie, their friends and associates Sal and Willy, Tessa and Gerald have been portrayed beautifully. The confusion felt by each character as they individually feel that something is not so normal in there is vivid. 

Read the book to discover the secrets of Bedlam House and how "The Flip" turned out for Brad and Julie!
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