Saturday, July 1, 2017

Monsoon Musings

This is an anthology of seven short stories, which are narrated in such an engaging style that you wont be able to keep the book down until you have finished them all.

You will come to know briefly about the authoress, Aabha, from the back cover of the book which upholds her multi-faceted personality. No wonder the stories are so well narrated.

While reading the book, I personally felt as if Aabha was telling me some interesting tales from her life, so that I could know her better. Aabha subtly shares her childhood experience in Zambia, her devotion to Lord Shiva and her deep knowledge about various temples. Her deep understanding of human relationships, even between the lady of a house and a maid, makes the stories very enjoyable.

She also brings out the never-say-die spirit of women we can be inspired by: Megha, who gets paralysed due to illness but is still able to have a good life and contribute to society; and Bua, who holds the reins of the family although she is a lonely matriarch, who is a widow and also childless.

The only blemish of this book is that it seems to have missed the last round of proof reading. However, that notwithstanding, you will find that this book is perfect for curling up with in a weekend. 

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