Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Benfits of Failing Successfully

This is a book which I would rate six stars instead of five, if I can. It is a book that can be enjoyed by everyone, of whatever age. 

The storyline is a narration of the author's life, his failures and how he could use that to his benefit. Dr. Chaturvedi rightly points out that all of us make mistakes and come face to face with failure at various junctures of our lives, and the key is not to get depressed by these non-achievements. Instead, we should accept it and work towards capitalizing on our shortcomings. Failures are indeed the building blocks of success.

Along with a very interactive narration, illustrations by Pranay Arun Kumar enhance the reader's imagination.

Although the author stresses that each one of us is different, and come face to face with very unique challenges, you would be able to identify yourself with the author, and find yourself smiling and nodding as you cruise through the book.

It is a crisp book, which can be finished in two hours, but it leaves an evarlasting impact.

A book recommended for everyone.

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